Shipping & Returns

*Orders have a processing time of 2-3 business days. Any order placed on a Saturday or Sunday will be processed the following business day.

*All orders are shipped through USPS First Class which can take 2-6 business day domestically and up to 21 Days internationally

Domestic shipping is $5.00 flat rate / internationally $13.00 flat rate.

*Each order will receive a tracking number by email or direct messaging. If you have any issues with your parcel once you receive the tracking number please contact U.S.P.S customer support.


*All sales are FINALL!

*Please be sure to verify your address and email are entered correctly. If this information is not correctly entered, the customer assumes the risk of potentially not receiving the order.

-Exception: BKouture Cosmetics will replace an order if you were mailed the wrong order it is solely BKouture Cosmetics’ responsibility to provide the best customer service. If you have this issue immediately contact our customer service team at